MIDI Controller Electronic Instrument Gear Laptop Bag

MIDI Controller Electronic Instrument Gear Laptop Bag

MIDI Controller Electronic Instrument Gear Laptop Bag
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Shaka Laptop Messenger Bag, Mayan Brown (Bronze Interior)
External Dimensions: 15.5'' H x 12'' W x 4.5''D

The Shaka Laptop Messenger bag was created to provide an optimum carrying solution for up to a 15″ laptop computer along with personal items. We call it a high performance bag because of the construction detail and the extreme high grade weather-resistant 1680D poly nylon materials that we use. 

The evolution of the hand-held digital audio recorder makes this a perfect solution for carrying your laptop computer along with a digital recorder such as: Zoom H4/H2; M-Audio Micro Trak II; Marantz PMD660/620; Edirol R09; Sony PCM-D50; Tascam DR-1; or the Olympus CS-10.

The Shaka bag is the most flexible laptop carrying solution that we have seen, with pockets, pockets, and more pockets. It is the perfect every-day bag for transporting a laptop along with all of your personal essentials. Lockable zippers for the laptop compartment provides extra security, a super thick shoulder pad which softens and redistributes bag weight, and even a convenient carry handle are a few of the special features.


* Extra Thick Padding - provides the best protection for your laptop

* Extra Thick Shoulder Pad - redistributes bag weight so it feels lighter

* Adjustable Shoulder Strap - one size fits all

* Convenient Carry Handle - easy lift and carry

* Holds 15″ Laptop Computer - take your office/studio with you

* High Performance Construction - superior high-quality ballistic 1680D/PVC poly nylon material

* Useable Pockets - pack all of your personal essentials

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