Except for Markbass, DV Mark, and Vestax Brands - Please contact us before shipping in your Item.

    Due to the current backlog of repairs, VST is not accepting units shipped in for service. Walk in customers will be handled by appointment only

Authorized Service Center for

Allen & Heath
Audio Centron

Hughes & Ketner
Kv2 audio
Line 6



We service and repair a wide variety of professional audio gear including

Amplifiers - Analog and Digital Recorders - Mixing Consoles - Samplers -Drum Machines Sequencers - Multi Track Recorders - Effects Processors - Midi Controllers -Analog and Digital Keyboards - Turntables - Speakers - DJ Mixers - Sound Modules - Pre-Amps - Headphones - Microphones


Sending your product in is fairly simple. You do not need an RA or any sort of special number to send in your unit. (unless it's a Markbass warranty repair, click here)

All you need to to is include your contact information in the box and a note describing what it is you are experiencing. 

Please Follow Your Tracking. With the amount of gear we receive on a daily basis we do not contact each customer to let them know there gear has arrived. We will call when we have an estimate, please follow your tracking.


PLEASE KEEP IN MIND. We only contact customers if the repair will exceed $100 dollars. That does not necessarily mean your repair will automatically cost $100. It means that if labor + parts is $100 or less we will automatically fix and contact with return shipping info. Beyond this please see below for info on how our service works.


How much is it going to cost to fix my gear?
Sometimes we can estimate, but it's impossible to be accurate without actually seeing the product.

Minimum labor/bench fee $75.00
We inspect the machine, trouble shoot and are then able to contact you with an estimate on repair. If approved this applies towards the final repair cost.

Shop Rate $75.00 /Hr

Rush Fee $45.00
Same day or next day service depending on parts availability. If parts are needed and you need them rushed to VST you are responsible for shipping charges

Estimates fees are applied to the total cost of the repair!
Rush Service Fees are in addition to the bench fee.

Please note: Estimates are given as accurately as possible. However, final repair bill can vary slightly from estimated cost due to additional parts and labor that may be required to complete the repair. You will be informed and asked for approval if any more than a few dollars in difference.

Shipping Suggestions
We recommend that all packages be packed securely by UPS safety standards and that insurance and tracking be included. Items that are packed insufficiently will be re-packed by VST and charged for additional packing materials before being shipped back. No R.A. # is necessary for non-warranty repairs but all shipments must include a note describing the problem or service/repair needed. Also include full name, shipping address, home and/or cell phone number, and e-mail.

  • Wrap product with plastic or bubble wrap. This helps protect from loose packaging or potential moisture during transit
  • If the item is heavy it should be double boxed
  • If you have the original manufacturer box we suggest you use that
  • Ensure there is at least 4-6 inches of packing on all sides.
  • If the product is to be repaired under warranty, you must include a copy of the sales reciept in the box or fax one to us at 626-794-0340
  • We do not need you to send extra items such as manuals, power cables and footswitches unless specifically instructed to do so.
  • Insure your product for its full replacement value.

Our Shipping Address:
Virtual Sound Technology
11901 Goldring Road Unit C
Arcadia, CA 91006

Turn-around Time
On average, our turn-around time is approximately 7-10 business days upon receipt of product. If you call ahead we can let you know if turn around time may be longer or shorter but 7-10 days is the standard wait. You are welcome to contact us during the process of repair and we will keep you updated on the progress upon your request. We appreciate your business!


VST Repair Policies

Completed repairs must be picked up or paid for within 30 days of the first contact attempt. Each day after 30 days will incur a $1 storage fee until 90 days. After 90 days repaired items become property of VST unless otherwise agreed upon.

All repairs are covered by a 90 day parts and labor warranty. This warranty covers only the original customer complaint and work done by VST. Problems that occur within the 90-day warranty period that are unrelated to the original customer complaint and original repair will not be covered.

VST is not responsible for lost or damaged drive data. It is the customer's responsibility to back-up data in case of hard drive or system failure.

VST specializes in support and repair services for select manufacturers including product refurbishment.
Our technical staff is factory trained,
our facilities are equipped with fully functional test benches, and our staff is oriented to servicing you and your customers including the use of a mature US service network. We will provide a tailored service solution specific to your needs. Let us know what we can do to earn your business.                                                                 

         Alternatively, VST can service specific product lines on a bulk or lot basis. Each bulk/lot effort will be priced based on scope and complexity. We can assure you that our prices are competitive, and our service superior. Please contact us for a quote.