About VST

Our Mission

     Our mission is to offer the best and most reliable audio repair service to musicians, producers, and manufacturers alike.  We aim to gain the continued trust of our customers through quality work and affordable rates, and we are constantly expanding our horizons to include more manufacturers and keep pace with current technologies.    Our services include walk-in one on one customer service as well as managed service solutions and bulk repairs for professional audio manufacturing companies. 


Our Company

      VST was started by David Segimoto in 1986 when AKAI closed its Regional Service Center. The company was formed to create an AKAI Service Center in the greater Los Angeles area. Although originally located in Alhambra, expansion of the business caused a move to its Pasadena location in 1991. Since its formation, VST has expanded the expertise of its technicians to include products from various manufacturers. The company is currently a warranty authorized service center for Teac/Tamscam™, Roland™, Fender™, JBL™, Soundcraft™, Allen & Heath™, Korg™,  Rane™, Kawai™, Vestax™, Yamaha™, AKAI™, and many more.  See the full list in the repair section.

Our staff members have been trained by manufacturers such as Alesis™, AKAI, Roland, and JBL in order to better service machines produced by those companies. The varied knowledge of VST's service department has attracted clients such as the personal studios of Stevie Nicks, Billy Idol, Jeff Baxter, and Michael McDonald. VST has also recently provided technical support and repair for the Wallflowers, KORN, Marilyn Manson, MTV™, Paramount™, Island Records™, and KFI Radio™, Beyonce, The Pharcyde, Living Legends, and The Crown City Rockers.


"My drum machines are like my babies, I don't trust just any doctor with my babies as with my drum machines, 10 years and counting with VST."                -Bootie Brown from The Pharcyde


"We've been taking our gear to VST for years and they've never let us down." -Eligh and Scarub from Living Legends


"Everybody at VST is friendly, courteous, quick, and most of all they are the best at what they do."
–Jim Keltner


"You want it done right? Go to VST first."
–Ricky Lawson
Drummer for the Stars


"I take my equipment to a place that I can truly rely on, VST."
–Reggie Dozier
Grammy Award Winning Engineer

"Easy to talk to, personable, very attentive, and does good work. I stand by VST."
–Woodstock of Crown City Rockers


 "VST is what I idealize in an equipment source: relaxed, professional, and offering the very best with zero hype."

-Pete Houser / Bassbin Twins