Innofader DJM-400 Non-Contact Fits Most VGA Mixers

Innofader DJM-400

This is a special Innofader model designed to work with the DJM-400, and also the newer DJM-350.

This model can also be used for all of the mixers which work with the original Innofader. Just beware that the wiring on the adapter J4 cable is reversed and you'll need to reverse it back to its original wiring to work normally.

The Audio Innovate innoFADER has been designed to completely change the way you feel about the crossfader. Having studied the habits and requirements of today’s DJs, the innoFADER offers unparalleled levels of quality and adjustability that you just don’t find in other crossfaders.

So thanks to the innoFADER, you'll no longer need to be less than satisfied with the stock fader in your mixer. Buy the innoFADER today and change your DJ life forever.

VST is an Authorized Innofader installation center. Discounted installations to those who buy the fader from us.

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